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WRDSMTH, a street artist with global acclaim, joins us this month to discuss how the creative delivery of well-chosen words can make a lasting impact.

EP15 - The Importance of Personal Branding with Krista Clive-Smith

Whether you want to protect your future, grow your business, or expand your opportunities, building a personal brand is key. Done correctly, a personal brand can be a powerful and viable model for connecting with audiences and taking your business further.  In Episode 15 of the Business Power Hour, we talk with Krista Clive-Smith, founder of CLUTCH Branding, and an expert in helping people create powerful personal brands that are authentic, consistent, and aligned with their goals.

EP14 - How to Leverage the Power of Text Messaging with Ryan Chapman

Connecting with customers is only getting more difficult, which means our solutions must get more creative. That’s why adjusting to new communication methods — such as text messaging — is so important. In Episode 14 of the Business Power Hour, we talk with Ryan Chapman, co-founder of Yeti Text, to learn how to use messaging to connect with contacts to capture leads, convert them to customers, and build relationships that create profit jumps that benefit everyone.

EP13 - Inside the Magic of HubSpot with Nick Cull

HubSpot, an inbound marketing software platform, helps businesses grow by providing sets of essential software tools that help companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. If you are a business that is planning to grow, it is vital you get to know the magic of HubSpot. To discuss the myriad of ways HubSpot can make the life of a business owner easier, we sit down with HubSpot Senior Inbound Success Coach, Nick Cull, in Episode 13 of the Business Power Hour. 

EP12 - Legal Masterclass with Business Attorney Charles Purdy

Navigating the legal landscape of running a business is a survival instinct for any entrepreneur. No matter what size your company is, protecting yourself from legal fallout is just good business sense. In Episode 12 of the Business Power Hour, we are joined by Charles Purdy, a business attorney and founding partner of Purdy & Bailey, LLP. He provides his expert insight on exactly what to do to protect your biggest business assets to ensure your business is set up for a prosperous (and litigious-free) future.

EP11 - Accounting Masterclass - Understanding Your Cash Flow

Understanding your cashflow is critical to any business’ success. However, what to track and how is the crux of many businesses ranging in size from $100K to $100M. In this episode of Business Power Hour, our guest Jennifer Barnes, CEO of Optima Office, an outsourced accounting firm, will talk about the key numbers and metrics you should be looking at in your business. Hint: She gives some baseline numbers that you’ll want to start tracking right away that may surprise you!

EP10 - The Roadmap to Marketing Automation Success | with Gregory Jenkins, CEO of Monkeypod Marketing

Many business owners make one critical mistake in creating their marketing campaigns. They jump right into the technology and tools trying to build automation, yet they typically see dismal results. In this episode, our guest Gregory Jenkins, CEO of Monkeypod Marketing, will discuss the keys to marketing automation success and why creating a customer journey is the fundamental building block to start with before you touch your technology suite. You’ll walk away with simple, easy-to-implement steps that will help you create your own blueprint to drive your marketing automation strategies.

EP9 - The Right People | Tim Lyons from ProFit Marketing Solutions

No matter how great your product or service-based business is, without the right people on your team driving the vision forward, you will be mired in the day-to-day work and unable to scale. In this episode, we have a global business consultant, Tim Lyons from ProFit Marketing Solutions, discussing how to leverage your team to ensure your business goals are met. He’ll discuss simple strategies to identify key players in your organization so you can focus on growth and your team can focus on the day-to-day.

EP8 - Why Mobile Matters | with Ryan Chapman, CEO of FixYourFunnel

In today’s digital world, the one thing every modern customer always has with them is their cell phone. Why is this important? Because by now we all know that getting to the inbox is an increasing challenge -- with open rates decreasing, our customers may never see what we send them. That’s why mobile messaging (aka, text messaging) is becoming more and more important of a communication channel that you need to incorporate into your marketing mix. In this episode, we have Ryan Chapman, CEO of FixYourFunnel and Yeti Text discussing the strategies any business owner can use to quickly and easily incorporate text-based communication directly to your customers. You’ll walk away knowing how to incorporate text-based communications that can drive a 99.9% open rate that engages on a personal level, ultimately driving more sales for your business.

EP7 - Getting To The Inbox: The Deliverability Saga

Trying to develop your best ideas into messaging that resonates with prospects is one challenge — ensuring that message is delivered to their inboxes is a whole other beast. In this episode, we’ll be talking with two masters of email from Keap (THE preferred email marketing and sales platform of small businesses): Aaron Barrett, Head of Email Deliverability, and Rich Sharpe, Email Reliability Product Manager. Get ready for an enlightening discussion where we’ll pinpoint and uncover the challenges, triggers, and solutions to ensure your message makes into the inbox and beyond.

EP6 - The Hidden Power That Lies Within ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a robust, easy-to-use system that has remapped the landscape of Marketing Automation to help business owners easily take their email marketing (and so much more) beyond. In this month's edition of the Biz Power Hour, we'll sit down with their Director of Channel Sales to talk about how this Chicago-based company is turning heads in their space AND learn all about the hidden powers you can leverage within ActiveCampaign.

Cory Snyder has been in the MARTECH SAAS world for 12+ years. He spent 10 of those years helping Infusionsoft grow from 15 million to 150 million.  As current Director of Channel Sales for ActiveCampaign, Cory uses his experience in the technology, channel sales, and marketing space to create and expand channel programs and systems for maximum impact. Cory Synder’s LinkedIn.

Kelly O’Connell has been in the Saas and marketing automation world for eight years. She launched and built out the Customer Success department at ActiveCampaign working with thousands of customers to help them leverage marketing automation to meet their business needs. In her current role as Principal Product Manager at ActiveCampaign, she's focused on continuing to build products that help businesses automate internal processes and personalized customer experiences. Kelly O’Connell’s LinkedIn

Get a free trial of ActiveCampaign at http://www.activecampaign.com/free

Check out the Marketing Flywheel Post at http://www.bizpowerhour.com/flywheel

EP5 - Why Storytelling Can Make or Break Your Marketing

Storytelling is absolutely critical to your marketing success, and it has the unique ability to give you a powerful advantage. In this month’s show you’ll find out how Storytelling can simplify your messaging, break down abstract concepts, and help you stand out and develop deeper connections with your audience. Join me and the StoryBrand Chief of Staff J.J. Peterson & StoryBrand Director of the Certification Program, Koula Callahan, as we discuss the vital importance of Storytelling and show you how to use it to engage, inspire, and motivate your audience to take action (and so much more).

EP4 - The Titans of Membership Sites Share Their Secrets

Ready to leverage the power of gated content with a pro-level membership site? In this month’s show, you’ll find out how a membership site can help you design the best customer experiences that lead to increased engagement, raving fans, repeat sales, and automated, continual growth. Plus, you can easily make your own (without expensive or complex custom coding). Join us as we discuss the why and how with two giants in the membership site industry: Micah Mitchell, Co-Founder of Memberium and Nathalie Lussier, Co-Founder of AccessAlly

Now you have a powerful resource of proven fundamentals and pro-recommended strategies that you can refer to anytime.

Learn More About Our Expert Guests and Where to Find Them:

  • Micah Mitchell is a digital marketing consultant, trainer, and co-founder of Memberium, where he helps individuals transform their lives and businesses by generating recurring revenue so they can spend more time on what they love. Micah Mitchell’s LinkedIn.
  • Nathalie Lussier is an award-winning entrepreneur and co-founder of AccessAlly, where she continues to design technology to make your ideas a reality. She believes access to education can help defy stereotypes and make the world a better place while providing a sustainable livelihood for enterprising teachers. Nathalie Lussier’s LinkedIn.

EP3 - The Secret To Success Is In The Data

The secret to your business success might just be right in front of your eyes. Knowing what data to review and the key indicators you should be tracking are the real secrets to your success. Tune in to hear what these industry experts have to say about data backed strategies, tactics and tips to help you scale.


Brian Keith (Red Beard Consulting) https://www.redbeardconsulting.com/

Frank Cowell (Digitopia) https://www.digitopia.agency/

EP2 - Pro Tips For A Successful Year Marketing Your Business

In today's digital age, business owners and marketers can get lost trying to keep up with the ever increasing evolutions in tools, technology and trends. In this month's show, we will be discussing with our panel of experts about professional tips you can use in your business to set yourself up for success in business heading through 2019.

EP1 - Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

In today's digital age, business owners and marketers can get lost trying to keep up with the ever increasing evolutions in tools, technology and trends. In this month's show, we are bringing in industry experts who are not only developing the trends you'll be seeing (and using) in 2019, they have a pulse on what you'll want to focus on in your business. You'll walk away with clear insight into what you'll want to focus on for your marketing strategies in the coming year, and we'll give you suggestions for tools we recommend you use.

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